8 things your vet wishes you would do

8 things your vet wishes you would do

Us horse owners can be a bit trying for vets at times. I asked our vets to see what they would love us horse owners to do (and not do). So here are 8 things equine vets wish horse owners would do

  1. Have the horse ready
  2. If your vet is popping in to vaccinate your horse they don’t appreciate you waving hello with a headcollar in hand saying ‘Great you’re here, I’ll just go and catch him….’

  3. Be able to trot a horse up properly
  4. Perhaps running isn’t your thing, or your horse always drags you around the yard. Your vet would love it if you could find a friend to trot your horse up. Not only would it make it much easier for vet to assess your horse but you will be able to see your horse move as well.

  5. No hoof oil before a lameness workup or a vetting
  6. Us horse owners do love a product, but your vet would really appreciate it if you didn’t coat your horses feet in oil just before a lameness workup or a vetting.

  7. Not being on the phone while holding your horse
  8. Your vet would very much appreciate it if you could be paying attention whilst you hold your horse. Yes of course it is ‘vital’ that you are updating your status to ‘the vet is here’ but it would be easier for your vet if you put the phone down.

  9. Appreciate that turmeric is not a substitute for all other veterinary treatment and medication
  10. Tumeric has lots of anecdotal benefits but it isn’t a magic cure all and can’t replace your vet and all other medications.

  11. Remember that vets are quite happy to have a chat on the phone
  12. If you are concerned about anything to do with your horse your vet would much rather you gave them a call. After all they became a vet to help horses.

  13. Tell your vet if your horse doesn’t like needles
  14. Vets would love to know this first, rather than being told this after they have peeled themselves off the stable wall or floor

  15. Remember that vets are human
  16. Many of our vets are actually horse owners, and believe it or not they can get in quite a flap when their own horses are ill or injured. Trust me they really are human!

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