5 things you should do after the course

5 things you should do after a course   copy

  1. Note the takeaways and take action
    We try and summarise some of the key things that we would love you to do after attending a course. For example taking your horse's temperature, creating an emergency plan, or recognizing early colic signs.
    We would love you to take action and actually do these things after your course. Do let us know if you now store your sugarbeet differently, have a new horse first aid kit, purchased a thermometer

  2. Follow up on social media
    If you don’t already do like and follow my Facebook page, you will find lots of information about caring for your horse. You can join us on Instagram and why not follow the practice and vet as well.

  3. Reflect on your learning
    We cover a huge amount during the courses, look out for my email after the course with a copy of the slides, and links to videos which I think you will find helpful

  4. Share your knowledge with friends
    It would be great if you could share your new knowledge with your friends and in local horsey groups. This could really help another horse owner out
    • Share the REACT campaign to help other owners recognise the early signs of colic
    • Post your pictures from the course
    Tag your friends and don't forget to tag us as well. If you are on Instagram use the hashtags #horsefirstaid and #horseycourses

  5. Book a space on your next course
    We offer a discount if you book onto a second course with us. Please use the discount code in your post course email, we look forward to seeing you there.

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